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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - The International Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce according to market] (ASSOCHAM) A recent study showed that: "Nike" has been titled the most sought after sports apparel brand in India. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to the survey organizations shows: the US company has consistently adhered to sell high-quality products, therefore, one of India's four young consumers are designated as the leading sports clothing brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & cheap jordans for sale nbsp; 35% of the survey, parents are working parents, spend about 5,000 rupees a month (ie 69 pounds) in the clothing, the group will choose to buy more than half the number of branded goods . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM) Secretary-General DS Rawat said: "Today, teenagers have demonstrated a strong desire of personality, as well as to make most of their pocket money spent on clothing. " It also praised: "Young people have a strong sense of fashion, bo Cheap air jordan 12 ovo th men and women are very concerned about their appearance, more attention than ever to wear."Dongguan, a city of about 90 kilometers north of Hongkong, with about 7 million people, produces goods ranging from furniture to auto parts, and is one of the driving forces behind China's economic boom. Watch the city carefully and you'll find a group of strange faces: there is a thriving Brazilian community, about 3000 people, most of whom work in a shoe factory. they are in again. In the early 1990s Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping , the footwear manufacturing and export business in southern Brazil was very prosperous. After the trade barrier, the currency revaluation of Brazil and the cheap labor force in China, the shoe trade grew into stagnation. In 2007, Brazil exported 177 million pairs of shoes, compared with the first 12% years of 90s, the export volume of the largest value of 201 million pairs, down by two. Many of the surviving shoe factories moved to cheaper labor costs in the north. at that time, China was alre cheap jordans online ady the largest exporter of shoes in the world; in the following ten years, China's share of the global footwear export market doubled again, reaching 2/3. Now, Dongguan is China's footwear industry center, with an annual export of 600 million pairs, most of which are produced by Dongguan enterprises in the field. Chinese firms beat the shoe factories in Brazil at cheaper prices; thanks largely to cheap labor. But in Chinese, highly skilled workers in manufacturing high-end shoes need is quite cheap jordan shoes for men scarce, it attracted some highly skilled workers in the footwear industry in Brazil, most of them are the product quality control and sewing division, some also have the relevant occupation degree of leather, they had come to Chinese. the face of desire, the Brazil market pressure and China of technical knowledge of shoe Ricardo made a decision? Klein in 1995, he came to China, founded the school Raymond company (Paramont Asia), Asian women the number last year the company production and sales Retro jordans for sale of more than 35 million double. Many finished shoes are shipped directly to the Americas after they are shipped out of the factory. At present, the company has 800 employees, of whom 100 are Brazilians, and the daily working language is english. : there are many Brazilians follow these shoe-making experts came to China, engaged in service work, such as open Brazil restaurant, to Brazil children as Portuguese teacher. At present, Dongguan's Brazilian community is two times the size of Shanghai, t cheap jordans for sale mens hree times the size of Beijing, and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Brazil plans to set up consulates in Dongguan next to Guangzhou this year to serve their citizens. The last two presidential elections in Brazil, and even a polling station in Dongguan, added something new to the city. Brazilians enjoy living in China; the crime rate here is much lower than in their hometown; and they can make more money. "Every time." footwear products have always been one of China's major export products cheap foamposites , accounting for a large proportion of the export structure. According to statistics, China's footwear exports reached about 65% of total world exports, export volume and amount ranked first in the world, the main export markets including the United States, European Union, Russia, Japan and Australia and other countries and regions. However, the export structure of our shoes has always been dominated by OEM and low-end shoes. There are fewer middle and high-end shoes with independent brands, and the q Cheap air jordans for sale uality of export shoes has been criticized by foreign customers. restricts the export of footwear products factors from the external factors for and in their internal problems: one is the footwear enterprises generally lack a complete specification of the quality management system; two is the footwear enterprise personnel quality consciousness is not strong; the three is the quality of outsourcing products more prominent. Take Wujiang region as an example, the outsourcing of footwear enterprises i Retro jordans for sale s common, and outsourcing mainly includes outsourcing and outsourcing. Companies forced to complete orders, often hungry to choose the technology can not meet the processing requirements of product quality; outsourcing contract and process documents cannot be conveyed to the outsourcing party; process control limits of outsourcing products by outsourcing all the conditions are not from the heart.In this year's big return to the classic Air Presto running shoes series really gain a lot of popularity, once again overwhelmed by Nike to build its new autumn and winter 2015 series color. In addition to the gray and black, as well as throughout the entire body of all-black tone, and contrast and other familiar red and white color. In addition to the men, later also specifically added fresh vitality several Volkswagen models for women to choose from. Expected that the series of shoes will be in major retail outlets shortly after the shelves, a friend might like to pay more attention.camouflage color shoes a lot, but this section of seaweed pattern camouflage is absolutely the most special. Shoes are made of light blue and brown, embellished with red and brown seaweed motifs. the series is going to be on sale on April Fool's day and definitely not fooling you, ~ 2012-2-11 12:08 upload and download the attachment (154.41 KB) Nike Air Vortex the new color of the exposure, this section as part of the V series, was originally launched in 1985, again in 2012 can be seen engraved this classic place. The launch of new products with nylon nets and vamp, suede and other combination of a variety of materials, color with fresh mint green and white collocation, the back part of the shoe body is Swoosh, the tongue and heel tab and the bottom are stable with cherry red, the use of color to a sexy and gentle sense. A yellow midsole with a black rubber outsole gives us a glimpse of its retro style, not what shoes today have. The price is expected to be $141, and a favorite friend can take care of it.

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